Membership Information !

Sober Bikers United, Inc. 

* Membership Rates :

Dues are $30 per year per person 
from March and are prorated at a rate of  $2.50 per month. 
The amount you pay is based on the month you join as seen listed in the table below. 
After March and before January – Deduct from annual dues. 
After December 31st but before March 1st – Add to annual dues.

Also see 3yr and 5 yr Membership dues now avialable

3 years $75.00

January $35 
February $32.50 
March $30 
April $27.50 
May $25 
June $22.50

5 years $125.00

July $20
August $17.50 
September $15 
October $12.50 
November $10 
December $7.50

* You may apply for Membership using any of the Forms listed below 
and in the manner that you are most comfortable with …
* Membership Fees are accepted in U.S. dollars only.

Use the following 2 Links to Pay Online :

– Click Here to  Pay Your Re-Newal Membership Online … 
   ( You will still need to fill out an Online Application Form as well )

– Click Here for New Membership Our Online Application Form  if you pay online.

Use the following Link to Mail-In Payment :

– Click the “Print Mail-In Form” Tab at top of page for Our Printable Mail-In Form
   Print out the Form, fill it out, and mail it along with fee * (US) to :  

Sober Bikers United, Inc.
c/o  Ronald Degidio/SBU Treasurer

3923 Sarah Drive
Wesley Chapel, Fl

* Make check payable to Sober Bikers United, Inc.* If for some reason you cannot print out the Form, then you are welcome to simply write or copy the needed information as seen on the Printable Form listed above. You can write in your information and then send it by regular Mail along with your dues ( in US Dollars ) to the address stated above … Someone will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. …

– Thank You in advance