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Sober Bikers United, Inc.  Annual Dues Information

Dues are $30 per year per person beginning in March and are prorated at a rate of  $2.50 per month. 
The amount you pay is based on the month you join as seen listed in the table below. 
After March and before January – Deduct from annual dues. 
After December 31st but before March 1st – Add to annual dues.

 *3yr ($75)  and 5 yr ($125) Membership dues are available*

3 years $75.00

January $35 
February $32.50 
March $30 
April $27.50 
May $25 
June $22.50

5 years $125.00

July $20
August $17.50 
September $15 
October $12.50 
November $10 
December $7.50

Offline: Use The Link at the TOP OF THE PAGE to print and mail Payment

* Make check or Money-order payable to Sober Bikers United, Inc”.*

 Membership Fees are accepted in U.S. dollars only.

– Thank You in Advance –


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Membership Dues

1yr, 3yr, 5yr