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We’re glad you are a interested in joining Sober Bikers United and we look forward to sharing our experiences in recovery and on the road with you!

Please take a few moments to read our “Bylaws”  (link below), and become familiar with how our organization functions. Then, use the “Contact Us” link (below) to tell us about you; your name or road name, sobriety date, location, etc. and how you heard about us. 

One of our members will get in touch with you!

Returning members and members renewing dues can use the “Printable Membership Application”  or “Online Membership Dues”  link below.

Sober Bikers United, Inc. Membership Dues :

Dues are $30 per year per person from March and are prorated at a rate of  $2.50 per month. 
The amount you pay is based on the month you join as seen listed in the table below. 
After March and before January – Deduct from annual dues.  After December 31st but before March 1st – Add to annual dues.

 *3yr ($75)  and 5 yr ($125) Membership dues are also available*

3 years $75.00

January $35 
February $32.50 
March $30 
April $27.50 
May $25 
June $22.50

5 years $125.00

July $20
August $17.50 
September $15 
October $12.50 
November $10 
December $7.50

* Make check or Money-order payable to
 Sober Bikers United, Inc”.*

 Membership Fees are accepted in U.S. dollars only.

Our By-Laws

Printable Membership Application

Online Membership Dues

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– Thank You  in Advance for Your Support –