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Membership: Sober Bikers United, Inc. is open to anyone, both those in recovery and those who support those in recovery regardless of race or gender. The only true requirement is a desire to live and/or support a clean and sober lifestyle. If a Supporter, this includes not drinking or using in the presence of the general membership or while wearing the SBU patch. “Members” are people in recovery or those who chose to practice total abstinence, “Supporters” are all others. The Representative for your State will be notified about you. If members/supporters are near by, you are encouraged to go meet them. It is the hope of Sober Bikers United, Inc. that friendships will form and support will begin. That is what our chapters are built on. You are free to join a chapter or remain independent. No particular brand of motorcycle is required. Paid members/supporters will have access to the web sites members/supporters area. Children under the age of 18 are considered part of their parent’s membership. SBU reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason other than age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

SBU History: When initially founded, December 1999, with a proprietorship created December 2000, SBU established a set of guidelines that were not intended to be restrictive or directive. For that reason, they were considered “guidelines” and not “bylaws.” As SBU grew and became more active, there was a need to protect the founders and SBU as a whole from frivolous lawsuits. Also, the founders had a long-term goal for SBU to live on as a non-profit organization long after the founders were gone. To accomplish this, SBU took the next step in that direction and in September 2003 SBU became a corporation.

November 4, 2008, SBU took another major step to register our name and logo with the US Patent Office.

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Dues: Annual dues of $30 are paid to the International office. Your dues will maintain your place on the International roster and help to defray operating costs of SBU. Paid members/supporters will have access to the web site’s members/supporters area. There are no dues on the chapter level. Dues are non-refundable.

Affiliations, Coalitions, Federations etc: Sober Bikers United, Inc. is an association, not a motorcycle club. Therefore, as an association Sober Bikers United, Inc. cannot enter into affiliations, coalitions, federations etc, as a motorcycle club would. However, Sober Bikers United, Inc. accepts its responsibility to help support bikers rights organizations as best it can on the National level. State level SBU chapters have no authority to use the Sober Bikers United, Inc. name to join any groups of any kind without permission from the National office. Sober Bikers United, Inc. respects all traditional motorcycle clubs and in no way means any disrespect to any of them. The Sober Bikers United, Inc. membership is urged to use judgment with regard to wearing any support items. Misunderstanding can easily happen as we travel across the country and from event to event.


Territories and Boundaries: Sober Bikers United, Inc. has no boundaries and claims no territories. SBU uses established geographical boundaries and State lines purely as an organizational tool to help us better keep track of SBU members/supporters. SBU chapters have names that tend to reflect recovery or inspire, they are also numbered to help keep track of them. They have no meaning in regards to claiming any territories or establishing boundaries.

Runs, Events & Meetings: There are no mandatory runs, events or chapter meetings in Sober Bikers United, Inc.. We are indeed a social association and highly encourage our members to get together for such events. Directors try to coordinate one or more events per year; however, no event or run will be mandatory. Chapters are encouraged to plan fun get togethers and rides to various events as often as they want but should never pressure members/supporters to attend. We are about social fun not mandatory attendance.

SBU Leadership Structure:
The leadership structure of Sober Bikers United, Inc. is outlined in detail in the Incorporation Bylaws. A brief description is as follows :

Primary contact email for Sober Bikers United, Inc.:

Board of Directors ( BOD ) ( 5 ):

Chair of the Board of Directors (COB) (1):

State Representatives ( As needed in states, provinces, countries )

Chapter Coordinator ( When a local chapter is established )

National Treasurer ( 1 ):

For a more detailed explanation of the Leadership Structure, please refer to the Incorporation Bylaws

The Sober Bikers United, Inc. Logo: What does it mean?

Each part of the logo has meaning to us. Let’s start with the word “Sober”.
The American Heritage Dictionary has two listings that apply to our use of the word.

  1. Habitually abstemious in the use of alcoholic liquors or drugs; temperate.
  2. Not intoxicated or affected by the use of drugs.

* The word “Sober” applies to both alcohol and drugs as far as SBU is concerned.

Do we really need to define “Bikers?” Many have tried to offer their explanation of what a “real” biker is … As far as SBU is concerned, if you love motorcycles, then You’re a Biker !

The word “United” simply means we have come together to offer our emotional support
for each other … We share time together enjoying the open road on our motorcycles.

The center of our logo is a mix of ideas …
Most Western people are familiar with the Yin and Yang symbol of Taoism. Sober Bikers United, Inc. does not endorse Taoism ; we merely are using a symbol that has been adopted within Western culture without adhering to the teaching of the Tao. In our case the black and white stand for our acceptance of each other regardless of race. The two sides represent equality of the sexes. The two hands reaching for each other symbolize our need for each other’s help … When you put our logo all together, it stands for love and respect of all … It is the outward symbol to the Biker world and to what Sober Bikers United, Inc. stands for.
Sober Bikers Logo
Sober Biker's member Logo For those who would prefer something less symbolic we do have an alternative. Our text only patches also list the individual as a Member or Supporter.

* All Patches are optional …
Members & Supporters are free to wear or not wear any particular patch.