2001 Bike Week Myrtle Bch, NC

U.S. National Run, May 2001

Myrtle Beach, SC

Everyone attending had to agree… it was a BLAST !

Not all members could make the run this year although, as we see it, they were there in spirit. Everything SBU is supposed to be, and then more, came together that weekend. Most of us were meeting each other for the first time and yet, within hours, we felt like we had known each other for a long time.

There are many experiences to share and stories to tell, some funny (someone needed some aloe), some serious, (strong new bonds were formed), and some just about the great time we had. The atmosphere was much more relaxed and fun than many of us were used to and there was nothing but a good time had by all.

We shared a good meal with another clean & sober group we ran into while we were there. Many of us were approached by people interested in what we are all about and several new members/supporters signed up on the spot.

Also, they come in, we will add links to the pictures and stories our members want to share about their experiences. Check back frequently and see what’s new!


2001 Photos


Mouse gets Directors Choice Award

 Words from Those Who were there :


“I’m riding a SBU high right now! We logged 1060 miles for the weekend and no rain! The weekend went off better then I ever dreamed. I can’t thank you all enough for your trust and support of my dream. And a major thank you to Mouse and Pockets for putting this years National run together. I know we’ll be talking and laughing about last weekend for sometime to come. What a blast it was.”
– Sober Joe

“Wanted to let you know we made it home safe & dry around 2pm. Hope everyone else makes it home safe & sound too….Met & enjoyed some of the Sober Bikers United, Inc. family along with other friends this weekend. What a wonderful group of folks!! We played hard…..still missing those that couldn’t be there, you were with us in spirit. Those of you that had to take off early (hey, missed some hugs Shelly aka Fringe) maybe we can have a longer visit next time…..Want to thank Sober Joe & his beautiful wife Paca for all the brain storming & hard work they have put into getting Sober Bikers United, Inc. out to us and into my life today. Lots of Love & Hugs to you all, A Sister in Recovery” – Mouse

“Could NOT agree more! What a blast it was to meet the ones who arrived and all the othes we’ll meet up soon. I’ll keep this short and sweet as Andrea and I just drove 15 hours straight back to Missouri and am needing sleep badly. Thanks to Paca and Joe for all their hard work and it was great meeting all of you! (I especially liked watching the philly boys make hot water this morning at the coffee pot for everyone!)” – CoolBreeze

“When I was in jail facing 10 years from the results of my last drink I prayed to God with my whole soul. I told God that either In prison or free that I dedicate the rest of my life to do His work. Then 18 mos. later I meet SBU and am offered even an greater opportunity to help other people who have walked the same road as I than the opportunities that I have already been shown. I, without doubt will do my best to be a good rep for the brotherhood in SBU. Thanks for the opportunity to give a little back of what I have been freely given.” – Razor

“I am still reveling in the wonderful feelings from last weekend!! It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have a chance to meet those of you that were there in Myrtle Beach!! the fun, laughter and fellowship really touched me and I thank you!!! Again, i would like to thank mouse and pockets for all the prep work they did in finding a great place for us to stay and all the $$$$ collection, etc. the two of you are awesome!! thanks!! Ken (Coolbreeze), angelgirl,viking, lucky, big head, and shakes, it is great being able to put a face with a name. really enjoyed meeting you in person! wolf and Holly, it is a pleasure as always. wolf, thanks for all the web stuff that you do!! you are the master!!! bikerchic and mike, it was so good to see you again. sorry that your trip home was so rough!!! fringe (shelly) , thanks for all the photos and getting them on so quick. we hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we enjoyed having you!! look forward to reading about our special weekend. Razor, welcome to the sbu family!! love you all and have a great weekend!!” – Paca

Hope all is well with you since the Myrtle Trip. What an experience that was for me. It is so nice to be part of such a wonderful group of REAL people…..Thank you all very much. Can’t wait till Founders Day now…..WoooHooooo!!! Sorry it has taken so long to get on this thing, but life has been very hectic since I returned home. I want to give speacial thanks to Mouse and Pockets for all thier hard to work. You both are great. Paca and Joe….you two really are pretty awesome people….it was a treat to finally meet the both of you…I thank you for the inspiration that you offer…it truly helps me….keeps me connected. Coolbr….a huge thanks to you for taking the chance and letting me ride with ya….I didn’t drive ya too nuts did I??? Heehee!!! Philly guys…hey got any aloe?? What can I say….you all were great? Wolf and Lil Lady thanks also for all that you do for us here at SBU…the chance to finally meet our WEBMASTER….WOW!!!!! Again everyone….the fellowship that was there was incredible….looking forward to more of that next year. – Angelgirl

“Just wanted to say that Little Lady and I had a wonderful time meeting and spending time with those of you who made it to Myrtle Beach. It was a great time!!”
– Wolf